How To Protect Your Commercial Property’s Plants This Winter?

3 November, 2020 13 Comments
How To Protect Your Commercial Property’s Plants This Winter?

Even before winter is approaching, you must take steps to protect your commercial space. Preventive measures that you take will ensure to protect plants in your commercial property from snow or ice frost of the winter season. Spending time in the space allows you to replace unhealthy plants with healthy new plants. The commercial space garden will look excellent and attractive to clients when there are new and healthy plants.

Winter Challenges

1. Cold Spells of winter damages the plant tissues

2. Dry winds and the hot sun of winter burn out the green foliage of your commercial lawn

3. Bright sun of winter can cause breaks in barks of big trees

4. Winter is the growing season for animals like mice and rabbits, which use twigs and green leaves of your lawn as food

5. Winter makes plants to break into dormancy, and this kills the growth of new tender leaves

6. In winter, the soil becomes frozen, and it becomes difficult for plants to take water

Here Are Some Tips for Protecting Plants In Commercial Place

1. Trimming And Pruning Plants

To keep your commercial space look beautiful, it is essential to trim the grass and prune the dead branches on time. Tallgrass often becomes a nesting place, so cutting the grass as short as 2.5cm helps keep away frostbite and deter rodents from digging holes. In the winter season, plants lose leaves, and the branches become dry. So take time to identify broken or dead limbs in your commercial space and prune them. Dead branches can also damage your property in the event of strong winds or heavy snowfall.

2. Mulching To Protect The Roots

Cold climatic conditions damage plants’ outer side, but the plants can regrow if the roots are not damaged. Mulching is an easy way to protect roots this winter. Apply 2-3 inches of mulch to serve as an insulating blanket. Mulch helps in maintaining the temperature, preserve moisture, and also reduce the growth of weeds. A good mulch layer also adds beauty to your commercial lawn.

3. Always Protect The Potted Plants

Potted plants are mostly exposed to cold climates and also face the most damage. The roots of potted plants are above the ground, so they are vulnerable to winter season climates. It is advised to use pots with double walls so that the roots get an extra layer of protection.

4. Watering On-time

Even in winter times, it is important to water plants on your commercial property. You also need not put much effort into watering plants in the winter season. Consistent watering helps the plants to protect themselves from diseases. Overwatering can also be dangerous as the roots can be damaged.

5. Winter Protection Products For Plants

Many products are available to protect your plants from the harsh winter climates and winds in the market. A simple one is a greenhouse that can be used to reduce the amount of snow, ice, and winter winds that your plants might receive.

6. Protect The Crown Of Plants

In winter, snow and water can get into some plants’ crowns and cause a severe problem. If the water freezes at the top, then the plant gets rotten and kills it. It is essential to protect the plant’s crown by covering it with a simple plastic top cover.

7. Perennials In Winter Season

Perennials do not like the winter season, and they must be protected in the harsh climatic conditions of winter. The perennials can be benefited by wrapping them up with plastic. The plants can also be insulated by placing a bushel basket on the leaves or branches.


With a little care and effort, it is easy to protect plants from the harsh winter climatic conditions. Protecting plants in spring and summer season will be paid off in winter. Your commercial space will look ever beautiful in every season. If you require help from a professional or get ready for your commercial property for the coming winter, then contact Brinks Property Services today.

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