Commercial Property Fall Cleanups

15 January, 2021 5 Comments
Commercial Property Fall Cleanups

With the change in season, your commercial landscape needs cleanup and maintenance. Dead leaves and branches of trees will clutter the beauty of your commercial space. During the winter season, snow plowing and seasonal maintenance are needed to shape up your commercial property for the coming season. Fall is a crucial time for taking extra care of the landscape. You need to take professional landscapers for regular maintenance of your landscape.

Tips for Enhancing Your Commercial Property

1. Remove the Leaves and Debris

Leaves from your commercial space should be removed from time to time to avoid piling up of leaves. Dead leaves should be removed every 12-15 days. Leaves are an excellent source of organic and phosphorus materials, so that they can be used as organic mulch for your landscape. Other debris should also be removed from your landscape to avoid large pileups.

2. Cut Back The Tall Grass

Grass grows quickly, and grass taller than 3 feet could be a mess in your commercial space. In this winter season, grass goes dormant, gets a beating from snow, and adds extra weight. Overgrown grass should be cut back to normal height to remain healthy and adds beauty to your commercial landscape.

3. Aerate Your Lawn

Dead grass on your landscape accumulates naturally and forms as thatch. Thatch looks ugly on your commercial space and acts as a nesting place for insects and rodents. Aerating your landscape can churn the soil and help new grass seeds to germinate. New grass will grow and thicken your turf.

4. Tree and Shrub Care

Most of the trees in your landscape are neglected and often become unhealthy due to improper irrigation and disease control methods. Trees need plenty of water and proper trimming to grow tall and strong. The fall season is essential for shrub care, and adequate nutrition is required to get through the intense winter season. Shrubs play a crucial role in improving the depth of your landscape.

5. Plant Plenty of Flowering Plants

Fall is the time for spring bulbs that can be planted in your landscape even before the soil freezes. Once winter passes, your landscape will be filled with beautiful flowers of various colours.

Contact for Fall Cleanup Services in Markham

Fall cleanup is needed to keep your landscape ready for all seasons. Fall cleanups can be challenging and should be done with an experienced lawn maintenance expert. Contact Brinks Property Servicesin Markham, Ontario, for more details.

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