Why You Should Repair Potholes In Parking Lots

23 December, 2020 1 Comments
Why You Should Repair Potholes In Parking Lots

Potholes create a nuisance to car owners and pedestrians and also cause damage to the property and parking lot. Repairing the potholes is an essential part of maintaining the parking lot and increasing your commercial space value. The parking lot’s primary goal should be taking care of your consumers, and they should be safe while using your parking lot. Most people think that the harsh climatic conditions of the winter season are the main causes of potholes. The heat of summer, combined with the heavy rainfalls, can also be the reason for potholes in the parking lot of commercial spaces.

What Are Potholes?

Potholes are small or big bowl-shaped holes formed on the pavements or parking lots due to the pavement’s continued deterioration. Other problems that could arise are ravelling, alligator cracking, joints, or patches’ failures. The potholes should be permanently repaired by filling them with material like asphalt. Potholes are also formed due to poor drainage systems. Constantly check the drainage for leakages and ensure no water is deposited on the roads or pavements.

Why Should Potholes Be Repaired?

1. Prevent Damages To Vehicles

Potholes pose a severe risk to vehicles that are parked in your commercial space. Potholes that are not repaired grow larger and cause damage to the cars. Pothole damage can cost you big money in vehicle repairs like punctures, suspension, and vehicle alignment problems.

2. Pothole Repair Will Increase The Curb Appeal

The first impression of your commercial space is the best one. Potholes can damage the image of your commercial space. Property managers need to take care of their space to attract more clients or consumers, and also, the value of property increases. Customers will be highly impressed with your business’s professional look with a clear display of markings for parking their vehicles.

3. Limit The Liability

When a consumer gets hurt or damages his vehicle, there is a chance that the property owner might face a court case and also pay a fine. Even if the injured parties do not go to court, you have the responsibility to bear all the medical and hospital expenses.

4. Avoid Bottlenecks And Traffic Jams

If the commercial space has more potholes, then there is a chance that your parking lot can face bottlenecks when there is more traffic or in peak hours. Many problems arise due to the increase in the number of frustrated drivers. The constant traffic problems may also cause visitors to switch to another parking lot.

5. Save Your Money

Do not wait for the damages to worsen as pothole damages can lead to your parking lot structural problems. Water that seeps through the holes can cause underground damage, erosion and weaken the parking lot’s internal structure. In short, it can be concluded that repairing the potholes in the early stage can save you money, time, and also your parking lot.

Contact An Experienced Contractor

If your commercial space has a parking lot with potholes, then it is time that repairing is done on time. At Brinks Property Services, we have been working for over 25 years in repairing potholes and make your commercial property look like a brand new one. Contact us for a free quote on landscaping and other property services.

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