How To Protect Asphalt Pavement During This Winter?

20 October, 2020 0 Comments
How To Protect Asphalt Pavement During This Winter?

A well-kept pavement of your commercial space is the first impression on your clients. The regular maintenance of asphalt of the parking lot is necessary to keep it safe for its drivers and employees. The harsh winter climatic conditions and expanding ice may cause more damages to your parking lot. Direct sunlight, oil, and water can be other reasons for asphalt damage.

Tips To Protect Asphalt Pavement In Winter

1. Removing Debris

Your parking lots and pavements should be clear from dirt, debris and leaves. Cleaning of debris also helps in identifying any cracks or potholes on the asphalt of parking lots. Snow and ice removal also becomes easier when the debris is removed from your parking lot.

2. Filling Cracks On Parking Lot

The cracks of the parking lot should be filled before it gets too cold. The asphalt should be seal coated in the night when the temperature is at least 50 degrees. You need to ask these questions before seal coating the asphalt of your parking lot.

  • Is your asphalt coated about 2 or 3 years ago?
  • Does your parking lot has more cracks?
  • Does your parking lot look patchy or dry?

3. Shovel Often And Do not Allow The Ice to Melt

Once the snow hits the ground, it melts and starts accumulating on the asphalt of parking lots. If the snow freezes, then it causes the asphalt to expand or contract and also break. Shoveling of snow and a good drainage system does not allow the rainwater or snow to accumulate.

4. Thorough Inspection of Parking Lot

Before the winter season hits, a thorough inspection of the parking lot is to be made and to identify repairs to be done immediately. Regular procedures like seal coating, crack filling, and pothole patching is to be done before winter arrives.

5. Never Ignore Puddles

Standing water or puddles on the parking lot poses a big problem and affects the asphalt’s future condition. Puddles are an indication that the asphalt is getting weak, and it is time that repair is conducted. Installing a new drainage system and correcting the uneven on the surface area to be done immediately.

6. Seal-coat Application

Seal coating is the best way to add durability and also protect asphalt in winter. Seal coating increases the life of asphalt offers resistance to oil spills, water, and the sun’s heat. To make the seal coat more effective, the outside night temperature should be below 50 °F. It is recommended that the seal coating is done for every 3 or 4 years.

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