How To Prepare Your Commercial Property For Winter During COVID 19?

12 November, 2020 0 Comments
How To Prepare Your Commercial Property For Winter During COVID 19?

Your commercial property needs special maintenance every season, especially when the temperatures are dropping down. Winter cold climate conditions can damage your commercial property. It is vital that you take preventive measures this winter season and the pandemic situation of COVID 19 to protect your tenants or your business investment.

Over the past seven months, COVID-19 has identified the importance of our global communities’ health and safety needs, causing millions of businesses to reinvent their community safety approach. With the winter season coming around, preventive measures are to be taken by commercial property owners to protect their properties.

Preparing Commercial Property for Winter

1. Snow and Ice Removal

The heavy snowfalls this winter make the roads slippery and dangerous for vehicles. The snow accumulated leads to ice formation on sideways or walkways, which is risky for pedestrians. Preventive measures must be taken to ensure that your commercial space is free from ice and safe for staff and customers visiting the premises.

2. Ice Prevention By Salting

Proactive salting of your premises helps in keeping the property safe from dangerous situations. Our crew members use salt products that are not harmful to the environment and not pollute the local water resources.

3. Using Brine Solution

While salt is mostly used for ice removal, it is recommended to use a brine solution to reduce the overall cost of snow or ice removal. The brine solution is known to provide the best results in ice removal without the risk of losing rock salt in the runoff.

4. Monitoring The Weather

Our weather monitoring equipped vehicles can be installed in your commercial premises can track weather changes from time to time. Our crew is always ready to help you if there is a sudden change in the climate.


Our staff is fully prepared to help the commercial property owners maintain their properties this winter season at Brinks Property Services. If you are a commercial property owner and want to prepare your commercial space for winter during COVID-19, then contact us for more details.

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