How Short To Cut Grass Before Winter?

11 November, 2020 5 Comments
How Short To Cut Grass Before Winter?

As the winter is approaching, it is time to prepare your lawn and your last chance to have the grass cut at the right length. Lawn owners are often confused about cutting the grass before the first freeze of the cold winter season. What are the effects on your lawn after cutting the grass, what is the grass’s recommended height this winter, and what do the experts have to say?

Must Known Facts About Cutting Grass Before Winter

Trimming or cutting the grass of your lawn helps to keep it healthy throughout the winter season. Pre-winter cutting also helps in keeping the fungus away. Mowing the grass to the right height and at the right time with sharp blades helps keep your grass looking good. Fall is the most crucial time to fertilize the lawn.

1. When Does Grass Stop Growing?

Generally, grass keeps growing when the temperatures are warm. The growth of grass stops when the temperatures drop below 50° F during the day.

2. Proper Height To Cut Grass

There is no proper height to which the grass has to be cut before the winter season. Different grass species require varied height. Most of the experts suggest that a height of 2 inches is perfect for any grass. The length of grass can be even shorter for Bermuda grass variety. The length of 2-36 inches is optimal for the photosynthesis process of grass and also promotes root growth.

3. Why Proper Height Is So Important?

Long grass on the lawn can be messy and look awful. Cutting your lawn shorter can put extra stress on the grass and cause more harm. The grass in your lawn can go into early hibernation or even die if the mowing is too short.

4. Proper Mowing Techniques

Mowing the grass can be challenging in the wet winter conditions. You must get to the desired length of grass gradually by mowing two or more times. The right thumb rule is to be applied for mowing the grass. When you have to cut the grass several times, then you need to allow the grass to recover from the stress.

Things to Do Before Mowing Lawn

Here are some of the essential things to do before mowing the grass of your lawn


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