Commercial Snow Plowing Rates

9 September, 2020 0 Comments
Commercial Snow Plowing Rates

In the winter season, the temperature drops, day shortens, and huge snowfall in most areas. Even though snowfall is beautiful to watch, a heavy amount of snow causes serious problems, and there is a need for heavy lifting of the snow. Fortunately, many snow removal companies are working to ensure that people are safe during travelling on the roads filled with snow and ice.

Every snow removal service comes with a price, and the first question that arises is what factors influence the commercial snow plowing rates.

Cost Factors of Snow Removal

Below are some crucial factors that are to be considered before getting on a budget for the job.

1. Amount of Snowfall

The amount of snowfall is an essential factor that decides the cost of snow removal. More the snowfall, the longer it will take to remove snow and thus, the price also increases.

2. Size of Driveway

Some commercial places will have long driveways, which greatly effects the snowplowing rate. The larger space, then the more snow will be there to be removed and further if the driveways have cures or steep slopes, then it can be expected that the cost increases. Business locations with large parking lots are also expected to spend more on snow removal.

3. Location of Commercial Place

If the place is located in an area with more snowfall, then it is another factor influencing the cost of snow removal. If the snow or ice accumulates more than 6 inches, then the price increases as it takes time to remove the snow. Accumulated snow has to be removed by smaller swipes, thereby increasing the time and cost of removal.

4. Equipment Used for Removal

Various equipment is used in snow removal. Snowblowers are very useful than shovels, and it takes very little time for completing the work. But at tight corners, it is better to use a shovel. As the contractors have an idea of using the equipment, the right one is used for removing the snow.

Cost of Various Equipment used for Snow Removal

For Snow removal wide range of equipment are available, and the cost of your project depends on which type of equipment is used for removing snow.

  • Shoveling: Snow removal by a good shovel can be charged from $25 to $75 per hour
  • Snowblowers are one of the best options for removing snow that can be charged from $100 to $900 based on the type used.
  • Snow Plows are good options for snow removal. Snowplows are attached to trucks for removal of snow, and the cost ranges from $30 to $40 per visit.


A professional snow removal company needs to have a license, and the businessmen need to hire the right contractor for snow removal in commercial places. It is suggested to get quotes from three best snow removal companies and select the best among them. Are you looking for a professional snow removal company for your commercial space? Then our Professionals at Brinks Landscaping are always ready to help you. Get in Touch with us for more details.

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