10 Best Snow and Ice Control Tips For Your Commercial Property

31 October, 2020 0 Comments
10 Best Snow and Ice Control Tips For Your Commercial Property

Not many commercial property owners focus on battling the hazards that snow and ice can bring in the coming winter season. Dealing with snow and ice is the prime responsibility of the commercial property owners, and fall is the perfect time to prepare yourself. In the fall season, the owners need to assess the property, find out the property’s needs, and perform the necessary repairs, if any, present. Risk management is to be understood by the property managers, and it is important to have a plan to face the challenge that winter can bring.

Snow And Ice Control Tips For Commercial Property

It is easy to make mistakes, and mistakes can cost much more for commercial property owners. It is essential to create a safe and non-hazardous environment for the tenants and visitors of your property. Here are some ice control tips for commercial property owners.

1. Set up a meeting with snow removal contractors to review the latest situations and plan for snow and ice removal.

2. Always have a plan to keep the walkways and parking lots free from ice and snow

3. Stockpile your place with road salt and other recommended deicers.

4. Be Winter ready with snow removal equipment like shovels, snowblowers, and plows.

5. Have your place illuminated to ensure that the walkways are easily accessible

6. Eliminate the drainage problems across the key places

7. Thoroughly check the roofs for damages. Examine all the downspouts for proper drainage

8. Deicing materials should be applied on a routine basis to maintain the safety of your premises.

9. Treat winter as an emergency and keep yourself equipped with flashlights, emergency radio, batteries, and a contact list.

10. Check the pipes if they are frozen and plan to maintain heat in the rooms.


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