Principles of Commercial Landscape Design

17 September, 2020 0 Comments
Principles of Commercial Landscape Design

As the weather is starting to change, it is time to implement your thoughts and change your outer space’s look. You may be thinking about spending your leisure time outdoors or give the lawn area a face-lift. The elements you choose for outdoor space, depending on your preferences and space. You need to use certain principles of commercial landscape design and creativity that help in increasing the beauty of the outdoor space.

Basic Principles of Commercial Landscape Design To Keep In Mind

1. Establishing Your Garden

When you establish a garden, you probably do not have all long trees with high reaching branches. Modern gardens are designed with pathways and retaining walls to create symmetry in the lawn.

2. Consider The Size and Unity

The size of elements to be installed in the garden should be proportion with the building. A tiny building with an enormous swimming pool will look odd. Similarly, an expansive building with small garden beds here and there will also look weird. In addition to this, relative scale objects should be placed together. Placing a small pot garden next to large trees will make them lost in the shuffle. So be careful while placing the trees and pots.

3. Adding Color To Your Lawn

Colour gives dimension to your garden, and light colours can create a perspective on your lawn. Warm colours make objects look close to you, while cool colours like blues and greens seem to move away.

4. Repetition Of Familiar Patterns

Repetitive patterns are made in landscape design to make it more attractive. Familiar patterns can be created by repeating specific features in the landscape design. At the same time, be careful not to repeat many times as it may be monotonous.

5. Adding Texture Your Lawn

Repetition of elements in the lawn can be boring, and you need to interrupt the design with different elements to create a magnificent look. Mixing different plants is a beautiful way to add texture and appeal to your lawn. Mixing rocks with flowering shrubs is another way to add texture and beautiful visual for your outside space.

6. Proportion

Proportion refers to the size of an element relating to other details in the lawn. The size of elements in the yard is always ignored, but one should have precise planning. Always ensure that elements in the landscape are in proportion to one another.


One could design the lawn most beautifully and creatively with the help of the above basic designing principals. Designing a landscape utilizing colours, textures, and sizes of elements are very important. If you plan to redesign your lawn, our experts at Brinks Property Services will always help you. Contact us to know how to create a garden that is pleasing and functional.

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