How to Protect Your Commercial Property In Winter?

14 October, 2020 0 Comments
How to Protect Your Commercial Property In Winter?

No one dares to go outdoors without protection in the cold climate. Then what about the plants in your landscape? You need to provide some protection to the plants from the harsh climatic conditions of the winter season. Shrubs and small plants are the most vulnerable to cold climates and can face severe damages due to the cold wind beatings.

Ways To Protect Your Commercial Property In Winter

1. Overseed and Aerate Your Lawn

It is best to aerate the lawn just before the fall, and it allows easy penetration of water and nutrients into the soil and roots. Adding new seeds to the lawn after aeration will thicken the grass and promote grass growth in the fall season.

2. Prune The Branches In Your Landscape

In the winter season, the ice gets accumulated on the branches of trees. Ice is much heavier and might cause weak branches to break. These limbs might crash on your car or property and cause more damage. So before the winter season, you should prune the weak branches to avoid further damage.

3. Clear All The Leaves

In the winter season, it is expected that the trees shred dead leaves. These leaves might create a problem for the turf that is lying beneath the tree. The leaves also block the sunlight and water to the healthy grass. So it would help if you cleared off the leaves to make the turf healthier.

4. Keep The Heaters On In Winter Season

Leaving the heaters off during the winter season can cause the pipes to freeze. Even if you are not staying in the house or commercial property, keep the low setting’s heaters. If you think of a power bill, then a small bill is a lot better than repairing the broken pipes due to freezing.

5. Regularly Inspect The Roof

Winter storms can loosen the tiles and shingles of the commercial property roof. So you should inspect the roof from time to time and check for any damages. Loose shingles can cause leakages and cause severe damage to your property. Before the damage gets more, it is better that you consult a commercial roof repairer.

6. Always Keep The Drains Clear

The leaves and other debris that fall in your drainage system can cause puddles in the drainage system. These puddles form into thick ice in the cold climates and cause a problem for your landscape and property. Keep an eye on the debris and leaves and clear them regularly.

7. Planning For Winter

Winter season is always unpredictable, and you need to be ready for any situation. Conduct a thorough inspection of your property and see if there is a need for any snow removal services. Set up a winter protocol for your commercial property employees and always keep contacts of snow removal professionals in hand for emergencies.


Winter elements can be harsh on your commercial property, trees, shrubs, and landscaping materials. Proper planning is required to protect your commercial property from winter. Our Professionals at Brinks Landscaping are always ready to help you. Call us for more details.

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