Commercial Landscape Maintenance Checklist

9 September, 2020 0 Comments
Commercial Landscape Maintenance Checklist

As a property Manager, Every week, you need to look around your landscape premises to identify what needs to be changed. If the landscape is not groomed with lush green grass and trees, people would not be interested in entering your premises. If you are planning to improve the look of your commercial landscape premises, you need to have a maintenance checklist to correctly complete the work.

Here is the Commercial Landscape Maintenance Checklist

1. Lawn Care

Lawn care helps in maintaining your grass beautifully. Keep a record of these tasks for lawn maintenance.

Mowing grass weekly: Mowing of grass is an essential activity to remove any unnecessary grown grass. Neglected and overgrown grass gives a negative impression on your premises.

Remove Debris or loose clippings: Debris and lose clippings look messy on your property. Use blowers to remove stray flower petals to keep everything clean.

Trimming Curbs and Beds: Edging of all curbs makes everything look crisp and sharp.

Fertilizing, Seeding, and Aeration: Check the soil’s pH every time and add fertilizers. Aeration and seeding are essential for maintaining a green and healthy lawn.

2. Maintenance of Shrub and Trees

Checklist for maintaining trees and shrubs in your lawn

Pruning of Shrubs and Trees: To keep the shrubs and trees in shape, you need to cut the dead and unnecessary branches away. Regular pruning keeps the trees in perfect shape and gives an appealing look to your garden.

Inspection of Diseases in Trees: Regularly inspect the trees for any diseases that might cause damage. Use pesticides for curing the diseases.

3. Seasonal Flower Checklist

Colourful and beautiful flowers brighten up your commercial space. Most of the flowers are annual and need weekly attention. Without proper maintenance, the flower beds can turn into eyesores and mess your property appearance. Removing old blooms encourages new flowers to bloom, and also the beds look fresh. Weeding has to be done from time to time to ensure the proper growth of plants. Regular watering is also vital for the healthy growth of plants.

4. Watering the Plants

Water is essential for every plant, and an updated irrigation system can save you more water each year. Inspecting the irrigation system every week can save you more money than spending on leaking or other wastages. In the winter season, you need to be proactive in protecting the pipes before they freeze.

5. Safety Checklist

Here are some of the other safety things that are to be checked in your lawn

Inspect the Sideways: In your lawn, you need to check for cracks in sideways, steps, and lose chunks. Broken sideways are hazardous and more dangerous when they are covered with snow or ice.

Check Drainage Facilities: Improper drainage can be a big problem for your lawn and ensure that the standing water does not convert into ice.

Check the Outdoor Lighting: Good lighting helps in illuminating your property. Take a walk through the park and look for any dark spots that should be changed.


Having a substantial landscaping checklist helps in maintaining your property. Our experienced commercial maintenance team at Brinks Property Services follows the above list to ensure that your commercial property remains perfect. Allow us to check for any potential issues before they become big problems. Contact us for more information.

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