6 Inexpensive Parking Lot Maintenance Tips

26 September, 2020 1 Comments
6 Inexpensive Parking Lot Maintenance Tips

For any commercial business, the parking lot is essential to create a good impression on your customers’ minds. The parking lot also useful for keeping cars safe. An average parking life is between 10 to 20 years, with proper maintenance. Poorly maintained parking places can be dangerous for people and vehicles. Parking lots are often affected by standing water, increased traffic, or harsh weather. Proper maintenance tips are to be followed to ensure your parking lot is in good condition.

Parking Lot Maintenance Tips

To ensure that your parking space is not effected or suffer extensive damage, follow these tips for maintenance of your parking lot.

1. Regular Inspection Of Lot

To keep your parking lot in good condition, it is essential to inspect the space for significant issues after heavy rains or snowfall. Your Asphalt parking lot can be damaged with standing water or harsh weather. It would be useful to maintain a record for cracks, potholes, or faded markings. If you cannot perform a visual inspection, it’s better to ask a professional to help you analyze the situation.

2. Maintain Drainage System

Water standing for a prolonged time on the parking lot space can damage the Asphalt surface. Proper drainage allows water, after heavy storms, to channel away from the parking lot. The drainages must be regularly checked for blocks and accumulation of debris.

3. Regular Cleaning Of Parking Lot

Dirt accumulated on parking space can damage the seal coat making the parking lot more vulnerable to damage. Even though the seal coat helps prevent oil damage, the oil stains must be cleaned as soon as possible.

4. Landscape Maintenance in and around the Parking Space

Along with the drainage facility, landscape maintenance is also important for your parking lot. Commercial parking spaces should have beautiful plants or grass with regular mowing to keep the grass in shape. Landscaping and curbing are also essential to avoid the dirt and mulch to get washed onto the parking space.

5. Seal-Coating The Asphalt

Seal-coating will not only protect the asphalt surface from external elements but also helps in maintaining a new look for many years.

6. Cleaning And Sealing The Cracks

Cracks can appear on the parking space due to harsh climatic conditions and heavy usage. These cracks should be immediately identified and repaired. If the gaps are left alone, water might enter into them. In the winter climate, the water in cracks freezes and cracks are expanded.


Properly maintaining your parking lot can improve your space’s appeal and enhance the safety of drivers. Get in touch with a professional repairing company once you observe any cracks or any other signs. Brinks Property Service company provides a wide range of maintenance services for your commercial space. Contact us for more details.

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