15 Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Repair

26 September, 2020 0 Comments
15 Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Repair

Parking lots in commercial space can last up to 30 years by providing perfect maintenance and repairing the small damages from time to time. Most of the parking lots are made with asphalt or concrete, and you have to deal with repair issues.

Here Are The 15 Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Repair

1. Cracks In Parking Lot

As the asphalt in or concrete in the parking lot gets old, cracks are developed. Do not neglect these small cracks, as they might become a big problem in future and cost you more repairs. These small cracks must be cleared off immediately with the help of a contractor.

2. Potholes

Potholes are a result of contraction and expansion of soil under the pavement. Potholes can also happen due to weather changes and even cause severe damages to vehicles.

3. Warping

Warping and buckling of your parking lot can happen when there is a faltering foundation. Depending on the amount of damage, the entire pavement needs to be replaced.

4. Parking Lots Looks Faded

The parking lot’s asphalt is continuously exposed to sunlight, which results in oxidation and loss of black colour and begins to look in dull gray colour. Even though the problem is not an important one, the appearance of the parking space is lost.

5. Wavy Looks On Parking Space

Uneven and wavy looks on the parking lot can be due to the pressure of heavy-duty vehicles that come for parking. Sometimes only the affected area needs to be repaired, and there might be situations where the whole asphalt has to be replaced.

6. Multiple Areas Are Damaged

Endless patches in your parking lot can look unattractive and also challenge the smoothness of the surface. Damages in parking space is another big sign to tell that your space needs complete checking and repairs.

7. Parking Space Is Sinking

When the asphalt starts eroding, then sinking can occur in your parking space. In rainy seasons there is a possibility that water can seep under your commercial building space. So you need to observe if there are any sinks in your parking space and make immediate repairs.

8. Missing Pieces In The Parking space

If there is no proper protection to the asphalt edges, there may be missing pieces, and you need to get rid of these broken pieces by applying a fresh coat of asphalt.

9. Lots of Stains In Parking Space

Chemicals or industrial solvents might cause severe damage to asphalt layers and cause erosion in the inner layers. There might be serious consequences if the chemical stains are left unseen. Seal coating is the best option to encounter the issue and do it at least for 2 years.

10. Dents And Divots

Dents and Divots are the main things that are to be watched out for in your parking space. Dents and divots can be caused by heavy vehicles parked for a long time, making the place bumpy and pooling water.

11. Raveling Problems

The asphalt of your parking space could become rough due to the stones coming out of the surface. Asphalt sealant can be used for minor repair, and paving overlay is necessary for a severe problem.

12. Problems In Base

If there are signs of puddles or standing water in your parking space, you should know a problem with the area’s basement.

13. Overgrown Grass In Landscape

The grass can grow through the cracks in your parking lot and cause many problems with your asphalt. Overgrown grass should be cleared before cracks or holes are repaired.

14. Pooling Water

Water causes more damage to the asphalt in your parking space. Water seeps through the cracks in the parking and can expand in cold weather. Pooling water is a sign that the pavement is not maintained in a good manner.

15. Drainage Problems

If the parking lot’s water does not flow outside or puddles are spotted, you need to check the drainage system. Most of the time, the main problems in parking lots are caused by poor drainage problems.

Consult A Professional Property Maintenance Company

If you notice the above problems or signs in your parking space, then its time that the parking lot has to be repaired immediately. Brinks Property Services has provided services to commercial and residential properties for many years in Markham, Ontario. Contact us for a free property check-up and estimate.

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