Tips To Improve Your Commercial Property’s Security

17 September, 2020 0 Comments
Tips To Improve Your Commercial Property’s Security

Suppose you own a commercial property, you need to focus on the security to improve its value or attract tenants or buyers. In that case, there are plenty of tips to improve your commercial property security and capture potential buyers or business persons’ attention. First, you need to know the basic needs of tenants or buyers and renovate your property to meet others’ demands, and you can see that your property value will soar.

Tips To Improve Your Commercial Property Security

1. Install a Monitored System for Your Property

First, you need to install a security alarm system monitored 24/7 to improve your space’s security. You should install a system that can be monitored from a remote to secure your building and prevent break-ins and security breaches. The security system can detect break-ins at any part of your building, and sensors can detect intruders near any windows or vulnerable areas.

The alarm system will alert and nearby police station if anything happens when you are not present.

2. Add A Video Surveillance

In addition to the security alarm system, you could add video cameras to your commercial building to criminals in the act. Cameras should be placed in doorways, windows, parking lots, and other vulnerable spots that can be useful for your securing your building. Having video surveillance will help to identify the culprits quickly.

3. Add Lighting To Commercial Space

Landscaping lighting is essential for illuminating your commercial space and light-up areas that can be vulnerable to wrong-goers. Lights remove the shadows and patches so that criminal activities can be spotted easily. Illuminating these spaces helps to ensure your guests are safe.

4. Define The Entrances And Exits Clearly

The entrances and exits must be clearly visible for people entering your commercial space. Spotlighting these prime points helps increase your guests’ safety as they come and help catch mischievous figures.

5. Add Amenities For Your Commercial Space

Installing the right amenities for your commercial space will increase the value of your area. Most people like to take a walk in parks or cycling on the tracks. The value or look of your property can be increased by adding more amenities.

Some of the amenities that can be included

  • Dog parks
  • Swimming pools
  • Fitness centers
  • Playgrounds
  • Common areas for socializing
  • Wi-Fi in common areas

6. Well Maintained Garden Or Lawn

A well-maintained lawn tells more about your property and attracts tenants or buyers. Garbage or overgrown grass or trees will make people walk away from your property. Consider some of these tasks for your lawn.

  • Repairing the pavements
  • Snow and Ice Removal
  • Proper Drainage
  • Weed removal and Pest Control
  • Pest control and integrated pest management
  • Use of Sprinklers
  • Tree Trimming, mowing, and Pruning

7. Proper Parking For Your Space

Right parking can make a huge difference in commercial property and should not be overlooked. If your property has everything except parking, then they may go elsewhere. The best way to attract tenants or buyers is to have accessible parking. If you have space dedicated to greenery, you could use parking lots available nearby or go for shared parking with your neighbours.

Hire A Professional Commercial Landscaping Contractor

Landscaping is vital to increase the value of your commercial property. Our professionals at Brinks Property Services Ltd are always there to serve commercial property owners. Contact us to change the complete look of your commercial space. Request for a quote today.

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